What is Dwoo?
Dwoo is a PHP5 template engine which is (almost) fully compatible with Smarty templates and plugins, but is written from scratch for PHP5, and adds many features. --Taken from dwoo.org--

You can use php templates in your Pampoo powered application. This is an example action containing a view that will use dwoo template engine:
<action id="home">
	<controller value="Controllers_Home"/>
	<view name="SUCCESS" type="dwoo">

Dwoo is very powerful and has many features including:
  • Template Inheritance, a fresh look at complex template structures, now built without includes
  • Sub-template declaration within templates to allow recursive templates.
  • Smarty syntax compatibility with several additions and shortcuts to speed up template writing
  • Flexible plugin creation, plugins can be wrapped in classes or simple functions, they can be precompiled to optimize the load time of the template, etc.
  • Scope aware engine, allowing for shorter templates
  • Unicode / UTF-8 support for string manipulation functions.
  • Generally faster than Smarty with variable speed improvements depending on the features used.
  • E_STRICT compliant code that does not throw PHP warnings.